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Hi! Iā€™m Danny šŸ‘‹

I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer and Writer.

If you're looking to learn about UI design, algorithms, and freelancing, you're in the right place!

About me

2020 has been a year of religious daily coding!

I've taught myself many technologies and have built numerous projects from this Gatsby blog to a React Native meditation app. It's been lots of fun!

I have a masters degree in mechanical with biomedical engineering so logical scientific thinking is what I love to do. I'm currently studying algorithms and data structures in JavaScript.


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Here are some of my favourite projects...

Featured project

60 Days of Meditation App

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  • A React Native app published to the Google play store with 100s of active users.
  • Meditation gamified: complete the current day to unlock the next. Bonus meditations for day streaks and stars!
  • Stats such as day streak and average session time saved to local storage.
React NativeFirebase

Personal Blog

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  • New page created programatically for every nth blog post.
  • Images and article metadata pulled in with GraphQL.
  • Includes comments section and email subscribe form.

Classic Breakout Game!

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  • Online leaderboard implemented with PHP and MySQL.
  • Front-end built with HTML canvas and vanilla JS logic.
  • Game was used to host a competition on Twitter!

Latest Blog Posts!

Bubble Sort in JavaScript

We'll go through Bubble Sort logic, write Bubble Sort in JavaScript, discuss the Big O of Bubble Sort and when to use Bubble Sort.

- 12 Jul 2021

Big O Notation in JavaScript | The Ultimate Beginners Guide with Examples

In this BIG article we'll cover: What is Big O notation and why is it useful?; What is space complexity and time complexity? Big O Notation example problems in JavaScript; The graph of Big O Notation.

- 05 Jul 2021

How to Compare Arrays in JavaScript Efficiently

In this article I'll derive two solutions to a problem that involves comparing two arrays in JavaScript. The first solution will be using highly inefficient nested for-loops; the second solution uses efficient frequency counter objects.

- 28 Jun 2021

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